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Depending on a student's concentration, job titles could also include painter, designer, stylist or writer. Found this post through Pinterest and I just want to say that you made me cry from the overwhelming emotion that rushed through my entire body after reading this. I want to thank you because now, more than ever, I am 110% percent sure that graphic design is MY calling. I’ve designed invitations and stationary for a while now on a crappy scrapbooking software I bought five years ago. Ive always been intimidated by Photoshop and Illustrator thinking I would need some sort of degree or schooling on how to use them, but with this post I feel confident that I can finally make my dreams a reality. Open up my stationary business straight from home. Thank you again for taking the time to share your journey to success. Wow, thank you for this post!I have no plans to quit my day job in line pipe sales, but I can appreciate a course and extra information on graphic design. This has become a hobby for me, something to do when my little guy goes to bed and I don’t want to watch whatever gory show my husband is watching. There is a graphic design course over on Jones Design Company’s website. Google her blog. I'll use real world projects to demonstrate how these skills can be applied.

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Graphic design in the United States began with Benjamin Franklin who used his newspaper The Pennsylvania Gazette, to master the art of publicity to promote his own books and to influence the masses.


It's also important to know what percentage of grads get hired after graduation.


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